Becoming a Rotarian

The Rotarians are professional persons and sector leaders who take an active role in their communities, leading to great personal and professional satisfaction. Each Rotary Club comprises a variety of entrepreneurs and members of the professions, reflecting the community within which the club operates.

Becoming a member

Rotary is a world-wide organization of leaders and members of the professions who deliver humanitarian services and promote the respect of severe ethical principles in all professional fields.

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New members

As new members you could be involved in your own club, in your community and in the world through the opportunities offered by your Rotary Club and by Rotary International.

Rotarians of long standing agree that involvement is important. Do volunteer to participate in organizing a congress on a subject of your interest, greeting members attending the weekly meetings or taking part in a team involved in a service project. These activities will help you to get acquainted with the other members of your club and to better understand how Rotary works.